The Paint With Project’s Free Painting Idea

A creating space to belong together.

Steps to free-painting:

First, you gather together with another or a handful of others.

Then, you gather an object to paint. This could be a chair or a board, canvas, or lumber you find on the side of the road.

Then you get brushes and paint. I have them in my car, all of the time, just in case I spontaneously do this with a friend.

After that, you pick a location.

Then you gather water in a little cup for your brushes. Sometimes the location is at the beach (which usually makes for grainy paint and salt water fun) or a river, waterway, or just near a water spout of some sort. Location may be in or outside with all sorts of Lighting, times of day/night, and created moods.

Then you stand or sit and just begin to paint the same space-object together. Sometimes you turn the ‘canvas,’ for one another. Other times, you just move around the canvas.

You are allowed total freedom to paint over the other person’s work (over and over, and under) or paint into it. It’s one canvas and you play off and into one another.

It takes no special skills whatsoever. I don’t really know how to paint. Some I have painted with, who are renowned artists, and with some who have never painted: all canvases usually end up just as spectacular. The finish (or to-be-continued) usually ends up extraordinarily abstract.

You don’t talk about what you are going to do with the piece, or share ideas or plan the course or goal or reason, objective. You do not correct or suggest, or judge, or direct the course… this leads to a loosened grip on set, and the establishment of the worth and value of the other in freedom for your Life, and in general, care, compassion, and a sense of whole arises. You spend time on a particular space and the other could just play over it with a sudden color. It’s erotic, frenetic, peaceful, and splendid. Massive.

Added: the sense of holding one another to ask questions and speak Love and care into and over one another. Or just be there for one another in that season of Life… Instead of talking about the piece, you talk about Life, listen to music, or be together in silence, and the creation comes to being.

It’s really a beautiful shared experience. I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this. A friend first did this with me once when I was 17-years-old. We took a board we found on the side of the road, threw it in back of the truck, and went down to the waterway and painted. I have since done this throughout my Life with very close people who I care about tremendously. And also, students (who I care about tremendously 😉 colleagues, friends, family, Lovers… and hopefully one day, my husband and children…). So, I thought I’d start a little blog of it. Today it 07 October 2011.

I invite you to paint with me.

It leads to something very special, and freely embraces.

Creating Unity.