Hannah Bananza

Hannali and I met in high school. She walked straight up to me in a hall filled with teenagers fluttering semi-madly from one boxed in class to another and said, ‘I like your style.’ I said thank you. And she continued to ask me what I was up to…

That was 15 years ago. We’ve been the best of friends ever since.

She’s the friend where, in every space we were out and about, we were crazy-happy-silly all of the time. Yes, all of the time. From impromptu bridge opening parties, making our own clothes, batik, to silly singing to a stranger, we knew how to make a go out of every moment. We got, ‘Are you two on drugs’ a lot? Which was simi-sad for me, because what that meant was that the culture we resided knew how to have a good time, intoxicated. We would smile, ‘Nope.’ We just enjoyed and kept making smiles. One of my favourite memories together was turning my living room in Thailand into a dance studio for choreographed dancing lessons she would give to the village. That was a fun-fun-fun happy and fruitful-in-Love ministry. Going to Ko Phi Phi was special too. Truly. Hannah+Mikayla equals, well a ton of laughter and gathering others into that joy.

We also both came to have a faith in the God of Love within the first year of knowing one another; Which was beautiful to no end. And precious to share this hope.

I miss her. She lives in Winston Salem, N.C., with her hubby and three children.

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This painting was made in her driveway with Breeze and Zav crawling all over her while she attempted to pour into a piece. I Loved creating with her, 17 December 2011. She made the last stroke and was sad I was calling time to make it to Ohio for a children’s play. I was sad too, we could have worked on this piece for hours more, together. She stepped back and said, ‘I really like it.’ Her hubby did too, proud to show it off. Hannah is one of the more creative women I know. And I am honoured to have shared half of my Life knowing her move.

Again, I miss her. And, I Love her so much.

She is a smile.

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