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 Good day to you! I’m a Montserratian. I enjoy swimming in the rain. A lot. My son and I live on the beach in Costa Rica. It’s wonderful here. I am currently pursuing a doctorate degree in peace studies. Writing is my utmost courage. I enjoy being a part of humanitarian and documentary missions. I crave to grow with and for humanity.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Journalism, a Master of Arts in International Communications, a Master of International Relations, a TEFL certificate, and a Graduate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Resolution. I enjoy conversations regarding politics and religion; makes for great theoretical wanderings into how-to intercultural peace. I believe in the power of the actualized idea. I care about you intensely. I have lived in dozens of nations. I enjoy frolicking around in the day and laughing and leading others to smile. At night, I wonder into placid curve. I adduce soft touch as healing hope. If I stare at you for long enough, I will fall in Love. I do sound serious, but I’m actually pretty funny. I’m candid: I basically tell you everything you mean to me. I hope you are smiling today. You are perfectly you. I am in Love with You.

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