I met Stuart when he came to a Spoleto Festival in Charleston, S.C., with Artists on Fire and was walking down the stairs while I was talking to Mahmood after visiting with my exhibition. He was bouncy-bouncy- excited for a business man who loves poetry and adventure. He certainly made a big first impression.
We kept in touch casually as he is a good friend’s best friend, and upon my realization that I was making way to Ohio, I decided to stop in and paint with him. This was at his condo. He made a fire. And put on reggae music, ‘See, it feels like Montserrat,’ trying to make me feel at home while it was snowing outside.
This is under the tenth time I’ve seen snow, so he gathered a snow ball and threw it at me from the porch while collecting more wood for the fire as I continued painting. Thus the photograph he made above.
He was, again, so bouncy and energetic. I had to feel out what would calm him into peaceful relaxation. Not much, it seemed. At all. He made for a fun painting gathering, positively. We spoke of relationships and family. Stuart is a very caring and outspoken man for sure, with a million thoughts coursing through his brain at the same instance. He definitely has to do, to think, and is lively as all get out. Okay, yes, and so I broke the rules by pleading with him not to dump a bunch of dark paint on the area I was working on. It turned into laughs, but I was semi-serious. I mean, truly, he was about to just put a whole mess of paint on this delicate space I was creating. I told him it would ruin my Life. This was in a silly attempt at letting him know the gravity of his actions as I laughed. It didn’t work.
Stuart made the last brush stroke which was more of a dot, really, 18 December 2011. It was a nice Stuart event. And I think that’s what Life is like when you share any time with this fellow,
‘A Stuart Event.’